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Sword of Moonlight can be a difficult tool to master, as there is nearly no official information available to the end user in english. Thankfully thanks to John Osborne it has been fully translated and all the corresponding tools are now supported in english.

This tutorial is designed to help you get started creating a simple game in Sword of Moonlight, and to illustrate how to take advantage of the many tools that accompany the SoM software.

The guide is listed in order of what you will need to understand to navigate the menus and create your game, with more advanced tutorials regarding custom model creation, advanced event planning and 3rd party tool instructions coming in the later sections. All of these tutorials are work from forum members and any additional information needed from them should be requested via the forums.

See also Sword of Moonlight:Troubleshooting

This tutorial is meant to be a complement to the already-existing official tutorial.

Where To Begin

Follow the instructions outlined at the Sword of Moonlight Installation page. This tutorial will assume you have downloaded and installed all three items outlined therein: Sword of Moonlight, the English Translation Patch, and the Editing Tools.

Once installed, navigate to the 'tool' directory and launch SOM_MAIN.exe. The other programs in this directory can not be run directly, and will be accessed through SOM_MAIN.exe.

Tutorial Sections


The SOM Glossary is a collection of all words, acronyms and titles that correspond with this tutorial and the general usage of SOM and any 3rd party tools associated with it.

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